As a famous historical and cultural city, Rui:an is the headstream of southern drama and Wenzhou drum word。
Wenzhou Drum Word
  Ruian have got a good reputation of Hometown of Drum Word. Wenzhou Drum Word, renamed as a local libretto. It is sung in native language, the word for Wenzhou Drum was developed from the folk tune in the Ming Dynasty, it has kept the feature of South Opera, especially it is sung with the random voice and traditionl music. In 2006, it is appraised as the first national immateriality culture heritage.
Tengpai Dance
  Tengpai Dance, It is renamed as Tengpai Exercise, currently it only exists in Ruian folks, the dancing behavior and occasion is different according to different sites, It mainly emphasizes on action show.
South Drama
  Ruian is not only as the original place of Southern Drama but also as the hometown for Southern Drama Writer, Gao Zecheng, the play for Southern Drama means the establishment and forming of China Drama Art System, and also means setting up male role and female role in the opera.