Festival Lamp Show
?? It is a custom festival activity with a long history, beginning from Shaoxing, (1157) in 27-year of the Nansong Dynasty, in order to celebrate the first successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, all the families held the lantern to show their celebration. It usually starts from the January 10th to the night of the 15th of the 1st lunar month. Decorative lanterns are held together, and the people parades around the town, playing stilt games, going drought boating, the people enjoy themselves completely.
Dragon-Boat Festival
????Dragon Boat Festival on May 5th, ( Lunar calendar), it is one of the most exciting programs, it is composed of 36 persons, of whom 32 boater, each person on its head and stern, plus one drum player and one flagman when it starts, The old and the young of the village are crowed at the bank of the river and it is a grand very view.