Qindiao Brand Condense Milk
Qindiao Brand Condensed Milk, It is made of quality fresh milk and sugar as raw material through scientific method to concentrate into the top milk product, In November, 2004, Qindiao brand condensed milk is the first brand of Wenzhou verified by the National Quality Supervision Bureau.
Linxi Handicraft Product
Located at the northwest of Ruian City, xitan Village and its adjacent village, Jia'ao, since the ancient time, a traditional handicraft has beed creating from there, there is wooden carve, cutting carve,plastic carve,casting and forging, metal,weaving,engraving, painting draw, glass making etc, In 2000, it was named as the hometown of the handicraft.
Gaolou Waxberry
Gaolou area is one of the main waxberry production regions in Wenzhou.The black waxberry and Dongkui waxberry are very famous for their large, tenderness and sweet.They also contain rich seleium element.
Bamboo Shoot
Bamboo Shoot, It is a traditional famous speciality in our city, with the functions of absorbing in the harmful substance, benefiting digest, preventing bowel cancer, help digest excrete and prevent from a bowel cancer as well as losing weight etc. It is not only a good food but also a kind of good medicine
Jiutan Honeysuckle
Selected quality fresh honeysuckle from the deep mountain,it is made with advanced drying technology, regarded as hamless green food of Zhejiang Province.It is well sold all over the world, it has the features of cool and refreshing,detoxification,extensive antibacterium and it makes you feel comfortable.
Olive From Dongxia
Dongxia Village, Tongpu Town, Ruian City is one of the important two olive habitats in Zhejiang Province. Its taste is sweet and sour and it can be digested very well for lungs. it has the functions of cleaning lungs, protecting throat, detoxifcation etc. It is a traditional Chinese medicine material.
Noodle Of Pingyangkong
Noodle of Pingyangkeng, It is recalled longevity noodle, it is only made by manual in the southern part of Zhejiang, up to now, it has been for over 200 years. Its length is about 3 or 4 meters and its features are: soft, white, ease of digesting, rich nourishment.
The abalone from north and south fed in our city is very rare in other places of China, with tender meat, and each 100-gram meat contains 24-gram protein and only 0.9-gram fat as well as various vitamins. It has got the first place reputation of the seafood.
Ruian Local Wine
With crystal-clear limpidity and swet smelling as well as a long history, during the Tongzhi Emperor period of the Qing Dynasty, a Vice President of one of the Six Boards named Huang from Ruian returned hometown and took this wine for the emperor, it got high popularity and it was listed as offerings.