Ruian Aquatic Market
  With the total investment of 125,000,000 yuan RMB and the total building area of 67,290 square meters, located at Binjiang Highway, Ruian Economic Development Zone, it is a comprehensive modern aquatic product businss center. It is divided into five districts: comprehensive transaction, fresh product transaction, aquatic product processed district, substance supplying for sea, catering and amusement etc. Tel?0577-65609039 
?NO.860 Binjiang Road,Rui:an
Ruian Commercial Market
  It occupies an area of 296 mu, with the building area of 120,000 square meters. It integrates clothing, knitgoods, commodities, furniture, electric equipment, knitting wool etc. over 15 industries and ten thousand of goods, It is a comprehensive commercial market providing accommodation, catering, information, meeting, safeguard keepers etc. complete service. Due to its large scale, varied goods, strongly competitive as well as large transaction etc. advantages, it is the largest goods centers of the southern part of Zhejiang and the northern part of Fujian province and it is one of five largest markets of Zhejaing.
Hongqiao South Road Mall
  Located at the most flourishing place of Ruian old proper, Hongqiao South Road Mall is demonstrated street with the title of NO Fake of Hundred Shops and Ten Thousands, its south is from Yanjiang East Road, and north to Yuhai Square and the transportation is of convenience. The whole mall is as long as more than 1,200 meters, owning about varied 200 brand monopolization shops , with mainly management of clothing, footwear. It is a good ideal place for purchasing.

Tel: 0577-65657328
Add: No.168 Shangcheng Main Road